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List of tutorials that helped me with environmental painting:
“How to make your own Perspective Grid in PS” <—- this one is the best thing I’ve ever discovered. Srsly CHECK IT OOOOUUUUT!
Snuffen’s Background Tutorial P1More or less ALL tutorials by Griffsnuff is awesome, so make sure to check out the rest of them!
More or less ALL tutorials made by AquaSixio!

List of youtube channels that also helped and inspired me:

FZDSCHOOL - More or less one of the most known concept art-related resources I know on youtube. It’s great to sit and draw and just listen to the talking.

SinixDesign- This guy is also great! He has some design workshops ever now and then where the viewers can send in their stuff for critique! very encouraging and inspiring!

moatddtutorials- This guy is more into drawing than painting, and has a more cartoony style. He has interesting methods when it comes to perspective. And he also challenge himself in some of his videos (the engine block video is a great example of this)

foxOrian- Also known here on dA for his awesome perspective and composition tutorials. He has a youtube channel where he posts some videos that might be interesting as well.

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For Anonymous, who requested more Male Anatomy related things.

There are quite a few male related anatomy items in the Art Resource but the search function is a bit persnickity at the moment. I will try and update this post as I get more references. If you’ve got any that I…

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         tvd 4x19 psd {{ request }}

  • contains b&w
  • do not redistribute or claim as your own
  • please like/reblog if downloading.
  • download: cl or dA
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A house in New Orlean

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Lowadi by Ow
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